Sunday, September 13, 2015

this 500th post of mine

this 500th post of mine since 2006. 2015 comes here and well, what is time any way (? -@7dsq89)

this past week was a swell and well week. i saw with my own eyes a butterfly fluttering its last flashes and flitters. gulp gulp by a little cricket which is not to be mistaken for a big old predator. for over two hours i spoke with a friend in Paraguay; he is Henry Smith and what good heart this soul has. also Thomas Clubb who is always there, an always-there friend. kawan - "they fill in the spaces, and occupy your time" I believe they do more and are much more. that by the way was also said by the same person who said "when have you lost 'you'?" plenty refreshing things i have heard in this swell and well week of mine. talking and sharing about fate. . . "i was destined to meet this person" thank you for sharing those personal experiences, you indeed are a flower, a warm flower i am glad to be acquainted with. more on ideas for projects, ...talent or gift. do we all have our own unique talents or gifts? or are we just the insignificants among the over seven billion souls? nevertheless it is always wonderful to hear the inputs from all people and prompt questions that are rarely asked in the day to day and that are able to hear answers coming from the heart and the mind. . . but more from the heart i hope. . . more from the heart. .. . . .. Stuti Chugh a good friend from India, made the most swaadisht dahl  with dosa (tose, in Malaysia that's what we call it) and potatoes and coconut chutney ! the wonderfulest dinner in a while, for the food i miss and the company i much enjoyed. also my dost who has been sharing and teaching about buddhism and religion. i luv these conversations. mom said "lucky you." mommaa mero maya mero pariwaaar, always in me you are and always within me. i also heard squirrels making sounds like little lizards like the ones at home (yes both in home and outside home).

aakash aaja ramro chaa
oletko siellä?

One night of this swell and well week i also saw with my own eyes the most beautifulest night sky (the other most beautifulest night sky was sometime last two summers when a few friends and i went stargazing for about two hours). i had walked back from a friend's as i saw all in front and all around me the night sky all dark enough for the stars to be shining and glittering. . . .what a thing to be grateful for. . .. . . . on saturday of this week i made & ate momos with my nepali friends / brothers. kancha macha amigos saathi kawan !

0;K. ~ ~ ~