Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 28: Nighttime

This semester, although began only three days ago, is the semester where I am drowned into a schedule I knew I wouldn't be fond of; thanks to the fact that I had to take a 7:30 a.m. class as other times for the course I'm taking filled up pretty quick. Nonetheless, this semester's commencement (for now) marked the end of my deteriorating sleeping habits; no more staying up until someone else gets up for breakfast or until I see daylight and hear birds chirping, no more unproductive activities while staying awake late, no more squandering hours doing nothing significant, no more brooding constantly over the pettiest or hugest matters in life, no more time to dwell on unnecessary things to dwell on. Of course when I say no more I really meant not as much anymore. I will still do those things mentioned regardless, simply because some things we are accustomed to doing. I probably just won't do them as much now.

If it weren't for my morning class, I'd still be comfortable with the idea of hitting the sack at 3 or 4 a.m. Nocturnal or not, I used to think that I had no reasons to sleep early and that I was more productive at nighttime. Over time it just became a habit like any other habit I have; it stuck with me and I stuck with it. My late nights weren't entirely productive but they were like a scale on a gas tank; full or empty. Those nights were neither filled nor barren of activities, but of thoughts.

Hours would be occupied with watching movies, drawing or sketching, reading and having multiple waffles coated thick with Nutella but for some of the times, what kept me up was the solitude. On nights like these when desolateness doesn't seem as desolate, it almost felt like my mind was opened to another expanse of ideas, hope and freedom. Thoughts creep on the mind but they are of both good and bad; they are what makes me ponder, they are what makes me sleep, wake up, sleep, wake up and repeat that routine, they are what makes me keep going and hanging on.

The above picture was taken slightly over a month ago, several weeks before Christmas when my housemates and I got a Christmas tree for the house. One of my housemate enthusiastically decorated her door and the interior space of her room with Christmas lights and other pretty decorative items. The picture might not seem to have much relevance with today's blog post but I figured I'd go with it because I haven't got many photos pertaining nighttime to select from...

Music's always a good company during late nights; give this song a try.
 What keeps you awake at night?

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