Wednesday, December 19, 2012

challenge here we go

Here I am again, pacing from one thought to another. A voice in my head deliberately saying "Say, what do you want to say?". Always, I am unsure of where to begin and how my words should be put together eloquently. In my mind thoughts run around ceaselessly that it's almost redundant because in the end my mind holds the same questions or subject matters, with neither answers nor resolutions. Nonetheless I might have just come to realize something; maybe it isn't all about finding answers or figuring things out, or maybe that shouldn't be one of my greatest concerns for now. Life? Career? Purpose? I don't know for now and I can't guarantee I will know but I've pondered and realized; it's okay to not know for now, it's okay to have doubts, it's okay to just take it easy and not rush making decisions. Life isn't a race, at least not for me.

I've been wanting to blog about something but I haven't, not because I can't think of any thing to blog about but because I take too long of a time mulling over what to blog about. Hence I have taken the initiative to take up this photo challenge, one similar to the photography challenge my sister is currently engaged into but differs because this one has a main theme:

Also because winter break is a month long and hopefully my endeavor to occupy (a lot) time with productive activities to do will be accomplished. In spirit of the challenge, I am grateful to have stumbled upon this photo challenge hence I will do my best and have faith. May the force be with you, me and us all.

oh boy oh boy oh boy I'm excited to do this! Ok I'll start tomorrow for sure.


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