Tuesday, July 10, 2012


About a month ago, from 2nd to 7th June my family and I travelled to Perth. It's been a while since we last went on a holiday as a family and so this trip was a nice getaway; 6 days might not seem long but during that period of our excursion it felt like we had a lot of time on our hands. 

And here are 73 photos from our visit to Perth to briefly (or rather explicitly if you consider a blog post along with 73 photos a scrupulous enlightenment on a trip to a foreign place) share what was so darn pleasant about Perth.

This time around we flew by MAS Airlines on a Saturday morning and one great thing about our flight was that it took only five hours. It seemed pretty short I'd say, only because my siblings and I kept ourselves well occupied with some good airplane food, a couple of movies and several rounds of Tetris Battle lol. We were initially estimated to take a shorter time to arrive at Perth but upon reaching the Western Australia region, our flight was lengthened by fifteen minutes due to the rainy and cloudy weather conditions.

Nonetheless, we arrived safely at nearly four in the afternoon, and rain or shine, we were eager and ecstatic to commence our jaunt in Perth!

As soon as we got our bags, we left the airport and made our way to Criterion Hotel. Fortunately, the hotel was located conveniently on Hay Street, where discovering numerous places to go (for food, shopping and sightseeing) became a cinch.

One of the first places we headed to was the convenience store nearby the hotel. How convenient, once again. 

Dinner at Pepper Lunch! Rice and pepper, as simple as it sounds, can be a pretty good combination. But then like quite a number of other food akin to this one, the gravy or sauce really makes a difference; all in all, it made my dinner an appetizing one.

Street art on Hay Street!

During our expedition for food around Perth we came across an abundance of  Asian restaurants and guess what, just two or three shops away from our hotel was a Malaysian restaurant - D' Nyonya Penang. 

In the hotel, desperately getting some internet connection within the diminutive expanse of our little cute room. But in the end we eventually surrendered and gave up trying to go online, hence the series of movie watching every night in the hotel room lol.

It was pretty easy getting around places in Perth as we took the Transperth train at most times. Sure it was trouble-free to simply take trains to places here and there but it was the long, tedious journey back and forth that made us enervated. Travelling can be tiring, no?

One of the several humorous posters in the Transperth train!

Day two in Perth kicked off with a visit to Fremantle! The three pictures above were taken in the Fremantle Market; an ideal spot to get good food and do some shopping!

And here somewhere nearby the Fremantle Market we stumbled upon masses of dream catchers for sale!

Now how often do we see a park this massive with lavishing greenery and this clean and this heavenly for people to just kick back, relax and have a nice day out? Mmhmm.

In we went to the Shipwreck Galleries; a museum showcasing ship-related or rather, shipwreck-related matters - basically what my dad enjoyed exploring, and I'd have to admit this was one pretty interesting and insightful museum. 

I can't remember the last time I was at a real beach - one that's got nice sands your feet just sink into whle your toes actually feel like they're happy, one that's got clear blue water, one that's actually unpolluted, one that's got naked people (ah well, next time maybe) - the one at Fremantle was superb.

If you know me well, then you'd probably know that I'm a pretty huge fan of fish and chips. Ever since our voyage to Perth, I've been longing and yearning for some well baked fish and chips - of course with mayonnaise spread and a tinge of lemon flavour. Mmm just thinking about it makes me hungry already. The Kailis Fish Market Cafe is a must-drop-by place to get a taste of some fish and chips goodness! Hmm, I really have to remember to take pictures of the food instead of just the drinks. 

Portraits of famous people and sketches seen when we walked along the streets in Fremantle!

As day three in Perth commenced, we embarked on a journey to Mandurah - and might I add, the journey to Mandurah which felt awfully long. While my parents and my siblings had already dozed off in the train, I tried my best to keep my eyes open, squinting and hoping we would arrive at Mandurah in the next five minutes. But that five minutes took much longer than I thought it would. Nevertheless as soon as we got off the train and hopped on a bus to a place nearby the sea, the seemingly dreadful lengthy train ride was worthwhile after all.

Here I present you some waffle goodness! Which was one of the things we had for breakfast at Cicerellos.

After breakfast and a little photography session, we decided to take a cruise ride; which was a little costly I'd have to say, but on a lovely sunny day with a little breeze and in Mandurah with plenty to see, why not? The cruise ride was around an hour long and during the ride, as we sailed through the waves of the sea, we caught glimpses of big fancy houses (yup, along the sea!), huge ships, other huge ships cruising, clusters of birds soaring in a certain pattern, clusters of birds chilling by the sea, the calm and clear blue water, the water waves rocking and swaying, and with the sky, everything summed up to be a breathtaking sight.

After the cruise ride, we travelled back to the city centre of Perth and came upon a Chinese restaurant where we had our lunch at.

Obligated by my dad to take a few photos by the streets of Perth, while waiting for a bus...

Our next stop was at the Kings Park and Botanic Garden, where we unfortunately did not catch a sight of everything there as we didn't spend long at the park and the garden, but we still enjoyed being there regardless.

Now this, to me, was the highlight of the trip - The Fraser Avenue Lookout. A spectacular view eh?

As day four in Perth had arisen, we were off to explore Perth Cultural Centre and we first stopped by at the Western Australian Museum.

The museum had heaps of various exhibitions and galleries but one of my favourite was the section pertaining coral reefs. The other sections were interesting as well, and there was just an abundance to see, to learn about and to delve into. All in all, the museum was so cool.

Mmhmm brother and sister just horsing around... :p

The Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA)- just the place I wanted to drop by after visiting the Art Gallery of Western Australia (but we didn't get to go there as it closes on Tuesdays, I was hell bent on going back the next day!). The PICA isn't a very huge arts venue but I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibitions shown!

These were taken in Perth Cultural Centre, one was near the Western Australian Museum and another was close to the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts.

Lunch at a food court in Northbridge!

On the very next day, day five in Perth, we made it to the Art Gallery of Western Australia!! This had to be another highlight of the trip for me.

There was a section in the gallery where visitors could put up their own drawing and the subject was still life. While attempting to make my own masterpiece I was initially oblivious of the fact that the subject had to be still life and so I drew some Medusa-like lady lol... But this little girl who was also drawing told me about it and then we somehow started chatting. If I can still recall, her name is Antonia, she's from London, she's around the age of 10 to 12, she's home schooled and she happens to be travelling around the world with her parents. By the time they were in Perth they had already been travelling for a year and a half, and they're continuing their expedition for another half year. I was just in awe, and thinking 'Lucky girl, some of us have to wait at least another fifty years (or maybe never) to be able to travel around the world' - but I'm kidding. Getting to travel to one or a few places is already a blessing and a bliss, but it certainly would be an extraordinary experience to travel around the world eh?

This is a mini London in Perth called London Court, where there were shops with designs based on architectural features from Elizabethan times. 

As the sun set and day five was nearly coming to an end, we toured around Supreme Court Gardens and a few streets located nearby Hay Street where our hotel was at.

And for dinner, we dined at the restaurant in our hotel lol, the fifth day was considered our last day in Perth and so by the end of the trip or nearly the end, we were feeling a little laid-back and weary! 

On the last day, in a bus heading to the airport. Our flight was delayed about an hour or so as the arrival of the MAS Airlines plane at Perth had been delayed, due to weather conditions. We arrived home sometime around midnight and as soon as we did, we took quick showers, did a little unpacking and at last, hit the sack! On the whole, the pictures might not have done much justice to enlighten you on what was so nice about the whole trip, but in all honesty, we had a great time in Perth. I enjoyed the trip mostly because I got to spend some quality time with my family while exploring and sightseeing the city of Perth. No doubt this trip is definitely one to be remembered for days to come.