Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Juxtapose | on the right is a drawn portrait and on the left is an experimental dot portrait (using dots as the only element - enlarge to see!). The drawn portrait on the right took a short while to be completed, well at least much shorter compared to that of the dot portrait. This juxtaposition is chiefly to contrast two disparate methods of drawing a portrait but both depicting the same panache - a retro vibe.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Why do we complain?

Why do we complain? Why do we moan about the slightest things? Why do we whine about not getting what we want in life?

Why do we groan about not getting an iPhone? Suddenly, a mere desire becomes a necessity. Why do we whimper when we have acne? Suddenly, something temporary seems everlasting. Why do we sigh ceaselessly about not having the 'ideal' looks or figure? Suddenly, we forget that physical appearances is just one thing, not every. Why do we complain relentlessly when we have a bad day? Suddenly, one bad incident just makes every thing else bad.

Today, I visited a friend of mine who is presently not well. Seeing her honestly struck a cord in me. Why is she so strong? Sorry, now that sounds like I'm complaining but, really, how is she this strong? Her name shall remain anonymous for now but she has been a friend of mine since my first year in secondary school.

She was diagnosed with leukemia two months ago and is still under treatment at the moment. Paying heed to her stories and experiences as she told them, I noticed she hasn't had a single complaint on anything. Sure, she explicates the thorough details of certain excruciating procedures in the hospital and certain agonizing things she has to endure, but none of them sounded like she was grumbling. To top it off, she's filled with optimism and radiance; and it's contagious, seeing her sanguine makes others feel the same.

Today, I learnt something. Today, I learnt something from a good friend of mine. Today, and tomorrow, and the next day, and hopefully the days after that, I will remember this.

For the friend who is beyond strong. Like a superhero, her strength prevails and her battle will be worthwhile.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Life's A Tree

Life’s A Tree | Like branches which staunchly bear the leaves, which subsist as a reliable bulwark, which endow the leaves with streams of fresh water and nutrients, which fulfill the leaves’ yens, which auspiciously uphold the leaves’ growth; like branches, you are to me. | Roxie.2012