Sunday, April 15, 2012

and our arbitrary blog post for the day is...

Just something I found interesting! (and slightly bizarre...)

According to Blogspot's traffic sources, people have stumbled upon my blog by typing keywords such as, roxanne chong, roxiechong, my braces (not sure why but because of this keyword, at one point my blog had over 200 views within a day or two lol), my braces blog, nik irfan (got to take a photo with him once!), heart-shaped boxes (probably containing tiny pieces of chocolate and which I got as a doorgift at a wedding), tyson ritter (The All-American Rejects concert in 2009 woooot!), tyson ritter drugs, tyson ritter malaysia concert, big city dreams nevershoutnever (yes I love that song), wong mew choo's breast (I've got blog posts regarding an ardent fan of Wong Mew Choo, my best friend; but no posts or pictures of her breasts nor of her lol), tiffani rox, giving a kiss (I don't know how and why...), sri garden iu night, etc.

On another note,

Photo of the day; Of gloom and obscurity