Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Alhamdulillah, aku dah pass"

There I was again, for the second time. All I could hear around me, in the cafeteria where I lingered sulkily, were people buzzing their family and friends about their, well, Yayyy-I-passed-my-driving-test-woohoooo news.

Did I really just failed my driving test again? Two times already, are you kidding me, damnn why was I so clumsy?, oh goddd I'd have to retake it another time!, greaaat another RM150 to squander on, were thoughts running through my mind at that moment. That very moment where I felt of utmost frustration and just...bummed. 12 to 14 hours of driving lessons, unfortunately, did not guarantee me a driver's license.

To make it short, I made mistakes at the 3-point turn when I was first tested, and at the sideway parking when I repeated the test. Yeaaah quite a number of people found out about it and responded "Aiyaaaaa so easyyy how come you fail that one wan" or the atypical; my mom, who was surprised that I passed other areas. Yeah well it's okay I'll pass the next time, the third time's a charm, I thought.

AND HELLL YEAAAAH I passed todayzzzz!

This time, at last, I passed. Failing twice was certainly a despair and a hassle, but honestly speaking, I enjoyed my driving lessons. I have the best driving instructors! I went to this driving centre, in Pandan Jaya, which is run by a pleasant Malay couple; Ok I know I failed twice but I don't blame them for it, cause I'm aware of my own mistakes! (: My driving lessons were stress-free(most of the times) and I had three different instructors who were all fairly good and can be scrupulous at certain things, which was great. Also, they were really friendly and would always crack up some jokes during classes, which explains the stress-free ambiance. So yess if anyone's looking for a driving instructor, I'd be glad to recommend!

Ok here to share another news, but pertaining SPM results. I wouldn't say I'm proud but I'm mostly...relieved. Honestly speaking, I'm a tad frustrated because the subject I missed was Moral (@#&*@^$^@*$&!!! Moral??!*#!$@$), but nah I'm kinda glad it wasn't any other subject. So yup, a B+ on my SPM certificate, which I thought was some sort of dirt on my results slip or a printing error lol but alas, the truth needed to be accepted and the reality needed to be faced. I'm glad the amount of effort put in had paid off and that my parents seemed glad as well. Now, what's next? Time to move on with life! UNIVERSITYYYY APPLICATIONS, here we go!

Congratzzz and all the best to everyone else!!! :D

- ROXIE (: