Saturday, February 11, 2012

because I've waited long for this!

This is it. ARGS Inspirasi. The 38th edition!
and wowww it looks good, heh :D
all thanks to the Editorial Board family of 2011!! :D

Oh and the magazine in the picture above actually belongs to one of my junior, Sofiya, who happens to live nearby my house (:

After a prodigious amount of discussions and comparison of ideas after reviewing school magazines from the past years, we decided on making the designs vintage and a bit funky with a touch of classic. You could say that we didn't exactly have a specific theme but nonetheless, I thought the graphic designers did a terrific job. Not just the graphic designers, but the photographers, writers, editors and well, basically everyone in the Editorial Board. Despite some minor flaws (just minor ones I hope!), the magazine turned out to be pretty good. I especially loved the cover! :D

Hope everyone liked the magazine! (:

This really did make my day :D

- ROXIE (: