Saturday, January 21, 2012

how my 2011 ended and how 2012 kicked off

That. That...came to an end just three weeks ago and now it's January 2012!

Somewhere around the last two weeks of December was when my cousin sister, from my mother's side of the family, got married! I don't quite know her newlywed husband well but from what I heard, they've been together for a very long time now. They're now both in their mid twenties and were dating since high school, around 14 years old. Yup, probably more than a decade! I wish the very best for the both of them and may they make beautiful kids <3

The boys, during the mini buffet dinner at grandma's a day before the actual wedding day. From left is my brother, Julian and the rest are my cousins, Wai Kuen, Wai Hon, Bryan and Jaden.

The next day was the actual wedding day, where yes....the actual Chinese wedding ceremonies are held. The wedding procession (is a looong one) consists of several Chinese traditional rituals and procedures. The procession starts with the arrival of the groom and his friends at the bride's house, which is then followed by a list of 'wedding door' games conducted by the bridesmaids for the groom and his friends. Yup, the picture above shows one of the games played where the boys had to dance and sing while wearing some hula skirts!

Candy & William (:
After the wedding door games are done, the groom gets to enter the house to see the bride. And hence, begins the tea ceremony.

With the bride, my cousin (:

The younger brother giving a kiss to the sister! How sweet eh.

The wedding banquet was held on the 25th December, yes...Christmas. The banquet, of all parts of a Chinese wedding, is one of my favourite part! Why? I guess it's because we get to dress up all nice and fancy :D it's sort of a once in a blue moon occasion now. I remember attending weddings at least a few times a year back then, but now...ah well. Oh and the Chinese food, most of the times there'd be really good, mouth-watering Chinese delicacies at wedding banquets. Ah, the joy.

With my cousin, Jaden. He is simply the most adorable one, and not to mention, a witty young boy (: He asked me for some help in Math the other day and I was teaching him how to round off numbers. He managed to understand it and get all the answers right within minutes.

Fireworks! So on the last day of 2011, it seemed like loads of people were out celebrating and joining the countdown! Nah didn't have any extravagant plans nor any plans at all initially... But then change of plans were made? and hence, Sabrina and I had a nice dinner at The Aparments, KLCC. Other restaurants were mostly fully reserved and by the time we were done with dinner, which was close to 10p.m., that water fountain area outside the mall was flooded with a huge crowd of people. But anyway, the food at The Aparments was sorta pricey :/, but it was still a satisfying meal! (:

We then headed back home just in time to watch the fireworks. Watching fireworks every single time would remind me of the one in Hong Kong Disneyland, one of the best fireworks to watch! Here's a clip of it!

More fireworks! And that's Sabrina's head...

A trip to Malacca with Hui Fern! Definitely a memorable trip and a great way to kick off the new year! I wanted to blog about it but since I've already uploaded the photos online and inserted captions for most of the pictures... :D here you go!

Well Hui Fern's parents were actually having a work conference at Malacca and the both of us just tagged along. God bless her parents and god bless her for asking me to join the trip! We stayed at the Equatorial Hotel for three nights and it was a good thing that several places were just within walking distance from the hotel. Several places like...the malls! (yes, shopping there was good! Managed to get some stuff from Jonker Street! *look at picture above! :D) Some historical places and umm, tourist attractions too. Oh and food, yeeeaaaahh the food was great! Ok hands down the best ones we've had there would probably be...hmm okayy I gotta say..... the cendol at the Jonker 88, crepe cakes at Nadeje, fried ice cream and fried oyster (both from Jonker Street). Really reallyyyy good stuff! And honestly I enjoyed myself during this trip and being there with my bestie just sums up AWESOME :D

Also, I got to meet up with some friends during the past few weeks. The ones in the picture above are Roseanna and Heizen, both are my good friends from primary school! (:

With Jade and Jiaxin at Pavillion after dropping by at ARGS for a visit! Ah going back to school... truth be told, I sorta miss schooling life. The people from school as well :')

I managed to get rid of all my SPM books, at last! Some were sold and some given away to juniors of mine, while the rest are now in the school library. Also, I gave away my school uniforms to two juniors. Ah the baju kurung days... :')

So what's next? Chinese New Year! In fact it's the day after tomorrow... Well then, I wish everyone a great week, Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holidays! :D

Till then...