Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My previous blog update was on July 16th. Wow. It felt like it was just a few weeks ago. It's already September! Well, we recently had our SPM trials examination, and my last paper was today. &yeah, yeah, everyone's saying SPM's coming soon! Real soon! Yup, in fact, there's approximately 50 more days till SPM (Sudah Pasti Mati? nahh, Score Paling Maximum!).

Okay, here's a quick update on what's been happening recently. And by recently I meant the past few months. Loads of photos coming ahead! (:

School trip to Petrosains, KLCC. Yeah, which is just a few miles away from our school but the trip was alright, considering most of us hadn't really been there before.

Awwh, this boy is just adorable! I think he's Korean. I'm not really into Korean, but this one's an exception, haha :D

With my Moral Studies teacher, she's awesome!

A little bokeh photography session with my sister <3

With the birthday girl, Syakirah! Her birthday was on the 25th of July. That's a pretty box, righttt? :D

With the babehs, Jiaxin and Wei Lin! Credits to Abeat (:

The little wallet (:

Photoshoot at Dad's office. This is one of my favourite photo of both my siblings - there are tons more!

Buffet dinner at Shangri-La Hotel. This is my brother, who by the way is now very very mature looking! He's growing up way too fast :'(

I know my sister would be saying Whyyy did you upload that picture and that picture and that one it's not niceee but you know what, someone just has to see some of these awesome shots! :D

Okay, yup, loads of desserts and sweet stuff.

Like I said, awesome shot :D

Jo and Crystal, our little cousin!

Haha, look at Julian :D

With both my cousins Crystal and James :D

ARGS Interact Club's Board of Directors of term 2010/2011. I'm definitely going to miss this!

Introducing the new Board of Directors of term 2011/2012. Credits goes to Mindy Chin! (:

Oh and we had our informal installation, too. It has always been a tradition for the Interact Club in our school to have surprises for the next Board of Directors during installation. Yupp, surprises (; It was supposedly surprises for only the juniors, but like we all saw it coming, everyone would get all excited and, there you go. The photo will probably explain what kind of surprises we had this time... :D

Board of Directors Afterparty at Seri Maya Condominium. I had to leave early but I'm sure everyone had a great time (:

And this, is the new President of the Interact Club, Abigail Iben.

Ah the joy of being retired. Okay I was kidding there, well yeah I do feel relieved once I've passed down my post to the new President. Simply because it's just time - time to install the new board, to let go of certain things, and to focus on other priorities. I believe the new board will do well, and I really hope they do. Being a part of the Interact Club was one big part of my secondary school life and I gotta say, I've learned loads from being in the club itself and holding positions in the board. It was absolutely a great experience, definitely significant and something I'd remember for days to come.

Dinner with family at TGI Fridays.

This is the bomb.

So some of you might know that my sister's been shipped off to the USA ! It's been around a month now since she left home, of course we all miss her very much. All the lonely nights here :'( Guess what, Jo. Dad said he doesn't want to go to the airport again! It's a bloody depressing place eh.
She's homesick but, I'm sure she's happy there, living her dream! The USA! Woot. And no worries, we'll keep you updated on everything that happens around here, that's one of the reasons why I'm updating my blog, haha.

Just an ordinary day at home. Cousins stayed around for the weekend.

Jaden and Bryan boy.

He's hooked on the guitar. Parents recently got him a new guitar, for his birthday gift in advance. And yup, it's his new hobby now. Strumming on the guitar, all day, and all night.

Independence Day celebration at school.

Credits to Rooba :D Yeah I'll be missing this, too, being a part of Editorial Board (: which has been fantastic. It's now September and you could say 90% of the work, for the annual school magazine, has been completed. Loads of work but it all came down to one thing, getting it done. I'd say we did a pretty damn good job :D

Once again, credits goes to Rooba (: I just love the colours on our Malaysian flag, so bright and radiant. We had some Merdeka sessions where students were waving the flags up high and singing out loud!

You gotta love macaroni :D

The jamuan Hari Raya turned out well, I just wished there was a wider variety of food and snacks. But all in all it was a great way to take a day off and to celebrate the festive season in school. Could we have this again? before secondary school life ends? :/

Well, that's about it for now. The next blog update would probably be...not anytime soon...might be after my SPM examination...yeaah, time to get serious! And speaking of, gotta get back to that - studying!

- ROXIE (: