Saturday, September 25, 2010

of baju kurungs, cakes, more cakes, candid shots, duit raya, and bacathon.

Majlis Penutupan Program Bacathon & Jamuan Raya

Qla :D she wore these black killer heels that were simply gorgeous! (Y)

More people turned up than I expected, which was good. Everyone was looking all vibrant and pretty today :)

Abeat heheh


with the girls!

Amanda! woots


SYAKIRah ahaha.

hm I have no idea.

nice right!

En. Shah & En. Wan

Lutfiah :)

oooh aaah.

Prize-giving ceremony for the Bacathon program.
Credits to Asyiqin Rosli for all the photos below.

and then the jamuan started. Yup, good food!

Ahaha, funneh.

Thank you Syiqin! :)

Syiqin's adorable brother, Syakir!

Asyiqin, Syakirah, Puan Chin and I

So, it was something different - today's event, the jamuan raya and the fact that we got to wear traditional attire to school. I truly thought it was a brilliant idea to inculcate the '1 Malaysia' spirit, to encourage cultural expose and in a way, it promotes peace and international understanding. And being us girls (well most girls), we enjoy dressing up and that explains all the bright, radiant clothing! Definitely looking forward to another event like this one.


prefectorial board term 2010/2011

with the new and the current Head Prefect yo!

Asyiqin, the current Penolong Ketua Disiplin :D

I likeee this :)

My dear SHOBAAA hehehe

our Assistant Head Prefect and Head Prefect! Weyyin & Syakirah

CONGRATULATIONS, guys! All the best in making this term a great one, I'm sure you guys can do it! :D

Syakirah, JOGOYA or SAKAE SUSHI? hahahaa


frog disection

So, this is me and oh hold on, what's that thinggg
It's a frog, yes those are its organs.

My class had to disect frogs on Wednesday and Thursday for a Biology experiment based on Chapter 7 : Respiration. The others thought it was fun and exciting but to me, it was sort of uh, gross. The sight of a frog's internal organs (now this was something new) was slightly repulsive and just, well, you know. I'm sure you can tell by the photos I've compiled. Well what an experience it was.


Friday, September 17, 2010


Credits to Iqin & Nadia
Raya at Asyiqin's :D

The holidays have been truly...relaxing. And boring. Well, just a tad.


Friday, September 10, 2010


Star BRATs

Bright Roving Annoying Teens
4th - 7th September 2010
Kuantan, Pahang

If there's one main thing I've learned from this workshop, it is that journalism is definitely not my thing, haha. Nonetheless, I've learned a lot. What made it awesome was the experience and the fun we all had together.

Basically, we had talks on photography, videography, social media, writing etc etc and two field assignments which were a visit to the salted fish factory and to a surf school. The salted fish factory - oh god, the blood, the smell, it was reallyyy bad :/ oh and we got to meet Malaysia' top surfer! Pretty cool huh.

The games were all fun and exciting. I was glad to have met some awesome people there :D I think I'm really gonna miss BRATs.

Credits to Jessica


Thursday, September 2, 2010

one more day!

Pretty, isn't it?

One more day. Just ONE MORE DAY!