Sunday, July 25, 2010

SMK Convent Sentul's IU Day


Nik Irfan! ♥
The highlight of the IU would probably be the performances by Caprice and Nik Irfan. I didn't really know about them until yesterday. They weren't that bad! Nik Irfan's cute eh.

Badges for Sale!


Friday, July 23, 2010

...when life gets hectic.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

BOD Installation
So, the Interact Club just had our BOD installation for term 2010/2011.

ARGS Interact Club
Board of Directors term 2010/2011

President : Roxanne Chong
Vice President : Tiffany Ng
Secretary : Foo Wei Lin
Treasurer : Wong Zhen Cheng
International Understanding Director : Kimberley Cheam
Asst. International Understanding Director : Asyiqin Rosli

Community Service Director : Prashanaa
a/p Uvanarajan
Asst. Community Service Director : Aaliyah
Finance Director : Ang Jia Xin

Club Service Director : Jade Too

Form 5 Representative : Wong Voon Yin

Form 4 Representative : Sharmaine Ho
Form 3 Representative : Ong Eu Xuan

Priscy :D

Thank you to all the seniors for believing and having faith in the new BODs. I and the rest of the BODs will do our very best in managing the club, keeping the club active and in high spirits, and making this new term another great one.


This was taken at Muzium Negara, where we went for our sivik project yesterday.

A little friend of mine. Isn't he cute?


Thursday, July 15, 2010


something I will absolutely remember for days to come.

the previous and the current Board of Directors of ARGS Interact Club

the photos from the installation are posted up on facebook.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

birthday girl

This post is dedicated to Hui Fern, my best friend.

(back in form two. I've never had this photo erased in my phone. Remember when was this taken?)

This pretty girl I've known since three years ago will be celebrating her sweet sixteen tomorrow, on the 15th of July. I just wanna wish her a very happy and joyful birthday, eventhough I would not be able to celebrate with her tomorrow...:( May all your precious dreams and wishes come true. May your sweet sixteen be full of bliss and happiness. All `ze best in everything and if you ever need someone to talk to about anything at all or someone to count on, know that I will always be there.

Happy Birthday!

Miss you loads.

P/S Your birthday gift awaits you...

With love,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Battle of the Bands
3rd of July, Saturday
organized by the Interact Club of SMK Sentul Utama

Iqin, me and Amanda

The winning band, D'Connections, from SMK Taman Desa, if I'm not mistaken...They sang Move Along by The All-American Rejects! Not bad at all...

Wenz's 18th Birthday
Dinner at Nando's, Pavillion
8th of July, Thursday

This, I like :)

10th of July
ARBS + SMK Selayang Bharu Joint IU. Theme : United Colours of 1Malaysia 1World. The MJ performance and Waka Waka were quite entertaining, I had to leave before the event ended though. I met up with Sabrina at KLCC and we had a long chat, didn't we? man I miss you la.

Dinner (another dinner with Wenz!) at The Apartment with these people! :D

Yes, I was out the whole day but it was a good day.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

IU Day videos

ARGS 39th IU Day videos have been uploaded, at last...

by the way, this is my 400th post! and if you've noticed, I've edited some stuff in my blog, like the columns on the left. It's about time I've had a new blogskin for a change, don't you think? nah, maybe not. I'll see when I feel like it lol


Monday, July 5, 2010

unusual, very.

Today, my classmates and I were cleaning and tidying up our class, especially the cupboards at the back of our class. And you will never guess what we found in one of the cupboard.


Yup, about three or four. It was really, really shocking and at that time, the first few thoughts that immediately popped into my mind were
1) What is that???!
2) What are they doing in there and how did they get in?
3) How long have they been in there? without food, milk, insufficient space and air

so I kind of screamed. Also cause I'm not a fan of cats or anything like it, but... we should really get those kittens out of the cupboard, it's definitely not where they belong. I really wondered how on earth did those kittens get in there. Discovering this was almost mysterious and an eerie experience. Yup, strange...and unusual, very.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

I am feeling...dubious.

Hari Koperasi was last Wednesday. Our class earned quite a lot :D
Interview for the next Board of Directors of our Interact Club was two days ago.
Battle of the Bands was yesterday.
A few IU Days coming up! :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

just something to share with.

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