Friday, June 18, 2010

mid-term holidays

Interact Leadership Training Seminar (ILTS)
@Ipoh Road Girls School
5th of June
8.00a.m. - 1.00p.m.


I just love this! thank you Iqin for cropping this :)

Group photo

Candid and then everyone goes "PEACE!"

I'm sure the seminar was really helpful to all of us cause we definitely learnt quite a lot from the quiz, talks and sessions with Rotarians. We got to meet some new people, too :)

11th of June
Hui Fern and Sabby came over to my house and we got to spend some time together. Watched a bit of Valentine's Day (Sabby slept halfway, lol), played Monopoly for a while, chit chat and gossiped a lot, haha. Sab had to leave in the evening, after that Fern and I had pizzas for dinner. After dinner that's when the stalking facebook profiles started lol

All smiles yo :D

15th of June
I was actually at Wangsa Walk Mall cause one of my friend, Loh Yea Yee, from my primary school, invited me to celebrate her birthday there. They went bowling and watched Prince of Persia, so, I was mostly hanging out with Heizen ;) we had lunch at TGI Fridays. Our lunch was simply mouth-watering, I wanted more of the Mac and Cheese! anyway, I got to meet Lale, Niva and Audrey, too.


Lale, Niva and Heizen

Me, Lale and Niva

Hahaa, this was random x)

Heizen and I. Darn, it's blur... Heizen, the photos! x)

18th of June
HuiFern, Rooba and I went to catch a movie at Pavillion. The Karate Kid was...good. and yes, Jaden Smith is absolutely a cutie!

Alright, that's all for now. Ah, back to school tomorrow :( damnn.

Friday, June 4, 2010

CBN+St.John's Joint IU Day
Theme: Revolution of the East

Mothers' Day
Dinner at uh, not very sure of the name of the restaurant.

With my cutest cousins, Bryan and Jaden

My bro and I. Yeah, yeah he's as tall as I am, just not taller yet :P

Izzah's mini birthday party

Yup, this is her, Izzah. Happy Sweet Sixteen!

Cake! Yummy

I just like this! hahaa, Zu Hui Hui Zhi :P

our very own,
IU Day

ARGS 39th annual International Understanding Day

Lucky ticket number one aeh

ARGS Interact Club Board of Directors term 2009/2010

Like I've said before, I still loved it regardless of whatever that has happened. Yeah we look back and ponder on things but instead of making regrets and thinking negatively, we should always try to think of it in a positive way, no matter what. Through it all, I think we've all learnt quite a lot from this. and thank you to the seniors for the words of encouragement and the valuable advices.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

HOLIDAYS are here

Two weeks of HOLIDAYS yipeee

so far I have made plans to hang out with some friends and a family vacation. I want to complete watching Chuck Season 3 and Glee :D and read Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. and not forgetting, do some studying and catch up on my syllabus. aah, my mid-term examination ended last two weeks and my results were not so satisfying. In other words, it was not so good.

Haven't been blogging much due to exams, IU and the fact that uploading photos on blogger takes a pretty long time.

photos from Teachers' Day, moral project and IU Day and a few more of others will be uploaded as soon as possible.

till then,