Friday, May 21, 2010

teachers day photos

Teachers' Day

The two emcees, Syakirah and Asyiqin

Our dearest teachers singing a few songs for us

Bollywood dance

En.Bad playing the guitar and singing

Another dance performance

Teachers performing!

Modern Indian dance

Dikir barat

Horsing around for a while and taking some photos for our moral project.
We then continued to take photos with a few teachers... :)

Why were we looking at each other like that, Amanda? It's weird...

Hahaa I like this! eventhough I was supposed to close my eyes, too, but my eyes are already small so I guess it's aite :D

more photos soon!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ampang Road Girls School 39th International Understanding Day
Theme: 'Dare To Dream'
Date : 29th May 2010
Venue : Wisma Chinese Chamber
Time : 1-5pm
Dress code : Smart Casual
Fees : RM 15

For more info kindly contact :
-(President) Priscilla @ 017 296 3258
-(IU Director) Jesse @ 016 929 7960!/event.php?eid=126043464077134

Everyone and anyone at all is invited. So, do come! :)


Mid-term exams just started on Monday :{
School ("gotong-rotong Perdana") this Saturday
Teachers' Day celebration next Monday
Sabrina's birthday next Tuesday (18th May!)
IU Day next two weeks
Mid-term holidays!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

recent events

Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang Yayasan Pendidikan Titiwangsa
@Stadium Tasik Titiwangsa
27th April 2010

Credits to Abid for this one. Don't you just like this?

So cute that I had to post it up

The band, which I thought was pretty cool

Ooh, look! It's our school flag! xD

Credits to Puan Chin for this :)

I was just stunned, seeing them perform so well, especially cause they're just primary school students. They were really good and not to mention, adorable! x)

A cheer performance by students from SMK Cochrane



Sri Garden IU Night
30th April 2010
Theme : Egypt


Belly dancing performance

With 'ze mummy

Photography session

The souvenir from the IU.

I personally liked their fashion show the most. No pictures though :[


1st May 2010

Tom! :D

I don't have their album so I just accompanied some friends there for the autograph session. Fans went crazy when Tokio Hotel arrived at the scene, fans including our friend Weyyin. She's a HUGE fan of Tokio Hotel.

Weyyin's there! Can you see?

After the autograph session, we went to get some lunch and then headed to Central Park Avenue, where the concert was. There were already people waiting outside the gates since morning, now these were real hardcore fans.

Another hardcore fan, Wenz. She actually bedazzled her belt, see?

Our so-called banner. We used glowing sticks to make 'em.

A few photos from Wenz and Zean Ying

So, Tokio Hotel wasn't all bad, but I'm still not a fan, I just like a few of their songs. Going to concerts can be exhausting, especially the long hours of waiting while standing, and when you're starving, legs tired, perspiring a lot due to the hot weather, everyone around stinks of sweat, short of breath, getting squished in the jam-packed crowd. Ah well, what to expect, free concerts x)