Sunday, April 25, 2010

more photos!

yup, more photos.

Minggu Pestaka - choir competitions.

4 Dahlia.
I see you too, Amanda! x)

They sang Whatcha Say and Us Against The World, if I'm not mistaken

4 Anggerik, singing 1 Malaysia.

which was just yesterday, by the way.

The two who sat behind Sabby and I, Hui Zhi & Jia Xin.

From left : Thivyiah, Abid, Dyana, Yuh Jing, and Han Yeng.

Sab, on the phone with Jenny, who apparently arrived in the nick of time, lol.

Abid's DSLR! :D

With the P.A. peeps

Yvonne Low Wh -
's gift / certificate.

The ex-seniors

Yvonne, chatting with a few teachers around, remembered her saying "SBU - windows - classes -" em, something like that.

After the ceremony, we headed to KLCC to meet up with Shoba (Roba's nick name now), who needed some help with her laptop and to have lunch. I had McD and I regretted it :[ Been having fast food quite often these few weeks.

See you guys again at the Yayasan Titiwangsa award ceremony :D

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A quick update on a few events and activities that took part in March and April. Here you go! :D


Woohoo, Bakti!

This pretty girl here is Asyiqin, she'd go all out to support Bakti. Look at the purple star she's got on her cheek! Cute aye.

Yeah, apparently Budi won first place this year! After about 19 years, I heard. Congrats to them and other team houses as well.

...with Jo and her friends. The food was just so...YUM. Mouth-watering. Tasty. I loved the Mac and Cheese. Jo and I shared, but she paid for our meal. Yipee.

Hillary, my new friend :D Isn't she adorable?


The theme was Wild West, which I personally thought was a pretty good theme selection. Hm, there was a few good things to say but, also a few...not-so-good things. Nonetheless, I didn't actually regret attending the IU. I got to meet up with a few good friends of mine.

From left : HuiFern, Sammi, YuenWei, ManYee, Priscy, Roxie, Sabrina, Yvonne, and Aurelia.

Hm, as usual, we had activities, quizzes, games and contests.

Here, students of 4Anggerik, portraying teamwork, unity, harmony and team spirit.
They were practicing choir, where they sang "1 Malaysia" - the one that goes "(chorus)Satu bangsa, satu suara, satu nadaaa, satu irama, Bersamaa kita capai semuaaa, Satu Malaysiaaa...". I was initially included but was busy taking care of some business ;) nah, had to take some good shots for the school magazine. Yup, editorial board.

Oh, a few friends(Kim, Siti, Syakirah, Lutfiah, Abid) and I presented a role play on Monday during assembly. It was actually an advertisement, where we promoted a television that was given the brand name 'Doinkie'. Lol, I know. We were being spontaneous, without any script, cause we had only two days to prepare for it. Glad it went well :D

Haha, this is priceless, man!

Siti calls this the "muka tak sangka". Haha mmg x sangka kan? x)

Alright, that's all for now. I'll blog about Anugerah Cemerlang for the next post so till then, bye!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


This. Is my current wallet.

I've been using it since...I was in primary school. That's been about four to five years. But, I still like it regardless. Yup, you'd probably say the same thing everyone does. You need to get a new wallet.

Why on earth am I still using the same one then? Cause it's simply useful. Its got just enough compartments to hold my stuff (money, cards, mini calendar, badges, name tag, notes, list of emergency numbers, and KEYS). The fact that I emphasized the KEYS meant that some times, I really need them with me. And that this special wallet has a compartment to keep them.

I've been looking for one that's similar to what I have now but couldn't, unfortunately.

OK bye this is random I know.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

humanoid :)))

Ooh, look!

I'm not a big fan of Tokio Hotel, unlike Weyyin, who happens to be a HUGE fan of them and guess what she won tickets too!

So, details. The concert's on May 1st, Saturday at Central Park Avenue, One Utama at 6pm. I'll be going with sis, cause the last time both of us went for Rihanna's concert at Singapore when she won them. So, this time it's my turn, I guess.

Can't wait aye Weyyin?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

busy? nah, not really.

I didn't mean to leave my blog this quiet and lifeless, it's just that I don't really have anything to blog about. I'll try to blog a bit more often, when I have the time and when I actually have something to chatter about.

Anyway, this week is pretty busy I guess, due to Sports Day coming up. It's this Friday and everybody's occupied with marching, cheer aerobics, performances and such. On the other hand, the rest that are not involved in any of that will have nothing to do while others are busy with preparations. Rehearsals today and after that, practices and preparations the whole day. Rooba and I - a part of the rest - felt extremely bored today. Loitered around, chit chat, gossiped, reminisce on the past, loitered around again and again, visited the same places at least twenty times. Exaggerating, I know. Yup, school today was a bore.

Had our first test weeks ago. Got back our results and I'm glad I didn't fail any subjects, in fact got a few As. Yipee. Mid-term exam will be in May, have to start preparing now unless I want to fail.

Signing off now, bye.