Saturday, February 27, 2010

A series of gleeful events
Speaking of, my siblings and I are currently very into the latest hit TV show, Glee. We've just watched the thirteenth episode the other night. Can't wait for the next one!

Anyway, I've not blogged since nearly a month ago so here's a little of what happened during the past two months.

A few close friends transferred to other schools, which has already been mentioned in my previous post but anyway, I absolutely love this photo.

@McDonalds, Ampang Park. Puan Chin's treat ;D Credits to Abeat for this awesome picture!

Chinese New Year, oh the joyous celebration. That's my two cousins on the left. During the one-week holiday we visited a few relatives, went out for a dinner and watched Percy Jackson the movie. Sounds like a week of bore but it wasn't really - I kind of got to just relax and indulge over the holidays.

OK so it did get a bit boring on some days xD
I invited friends over, but only Amanda and Huifern could make it. But it didn't matter, as long as I had company then I was fine. The rest of my CNY was not at all bad, I actually wanted the holiday to last rather than going back to school. School. Damn.

Dad's company dinner at Le Meridien Hotel. Fortunately for my siblings and I, we got to tag along! The restaurant was Latest Recipe and it was a buffet dinner and the food was verryy goood. Every thing there was so appetizing I was itching to grab all of it and whatever that was mouth-watering. The prawns were irresistibly delicious, so as the pasta, sushi, salad, and everything else. Oh, not to mention, desserts! Cakes, marshmallows, asserted cookies, pudding, creme brulee, ice cream, you name it.

My ultimate favourite, marshallows dipped in chocolate!

Ice cream, yum. I liked the stars, they're pretty aren't they?

We were there for three to four hours and after stuffing in as much food as we could, we were bored. Yup, it looks kind of gross but it's merely chocolate :)

OK, I'm done here. I'll be back when I've got something to blog about so till then, goodbye :]