Friday, January 29, 2010

move along, like I know you'd do.

It's been nearly a month since my previous blog post. I used to blog every week or at least every fortnight back then!

School started. Life as a form four student started.

Probably everyone has heard about some close friends of mine shifting to other schools. Aurelia, Hui Fern, Jenny, Sabrina and Yvonne... It was tragic and tear-jerking seeing you guys leave but promise to keep in touch alright?! Week after week, at least one person from our class would leave to another school. There used to be about 36 of us now we're left with only 27.

And yeah, I think it's quite certain that you guys will change, even if it's just a little bit. I don't think any of us are expecting any of you to stay exactly the same. That's why they say, "Sometimes the cards we are dealt are not always fair. However, you must keep smiling and moving on - Tom Jackson". I just hope you guys wouldn't turn into someone conceited, supercilious, uncouth, or obnoxious. You know, those nasty things. Well, you get me, don't you?

Dyana, we will all miss you!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Shanghai and other parts of China...

There are lots to tell and many photos & videos but I wouldn't want to bore you so I'll try to summarize the whole thing. Here goes. Enjoy.

Flight was at 1.40 a.m. This time we're flying with MAS Airlines. There were problems with the flight seats and I had to be seated next to this little Chinese girl. We landed in Shanghai five hours later. And no, there was no time difference between Malaysia and China. First off, we met up with our tour guide and got to experience the Maglev Speed Train.

It sped up to 301 km per hour! Superbly fast.

Got off the train and headed to some restaurant for breakfast. Our first breakfast in China was like all the other breakfasts we had there. Breakfast buffets = Heavy and very filling. Later on, we drove to Hangzhou for two long hours.

Was dead tired due to insufficient hours of sleep, hence we dozed off in the bus. Had lunch at the Capital Star Hotel. Then, off to West Lake Garden and The Long Bridge Garden.

It was awfully cold and windy there but I liked the gardens/lake gardens/rainforests and such in China. They've got an abundance of greenery and plus, their lakes are quite clean and uncontaminated, unlike several ones we have here. Well, you know.

Back to the awfully cold part... Some places we went were extremely cold that we were freezing. Teeth chattering, body shivering slightly, hands numb and frozen. Some times my nose would feel numb, so as my lips, ears and some parts of my face.

Went to Jujin Garden to watch a marvellous night performance about Hangzhou's history in the form of dances, singing, acrobats and other awesome stunts. Stayed at the EasyGo Business Hotel for two nights. Yup, we changed hotels nearly every night.

Woke up at six something, we wake up early everyday, at least before 7.30 a.m. Breakfast. Headed to some lake garden, again, and went on a boat ride.

Those are fishes. There were tons of them! That's why the river looks all bloody here.

Dad and I.

Visited the Tea Village.

Tea leaves.

Went somewhere that had many duplicates of well-known Chinese warriors and an exhibition related to China's history. Don't know what's the place called, simply because everything was written in Mandarin. Same goes to practically everything else there, lol. Off to West Lake Museum.

Started to get dark at 5p.m. Dinner. Went back to hotel.

Had breakfast before leaving for Wuchen Village. Took nearly two hours to reach there. It was utterly cold that it snowed! Yup, I've seen it, touched it, tasted it! Literally. It felt tasteless then salty, maybe it was just me. It was pretty cool experiencing real snow for the first time. Anyway, Wuchen Village is a waterside town and it's got these old China houses, bridges, streets and lanes.

Nice, huh?

Snow on dad's hair! Which looks practically like ice.

My fingers were all numb doing this.

Next, lunch then headed to Suzhou. Specifically, the Lion Forest Garden, also called the Kingdom of Rockeries. It used to be owned by an emperor or so I've heard. Nice place - lots of old-fashioned China beds, bridges, gardens, limestone mountains, funny-looking-yet-unique rocks. Most of it was history, well of course, it's a historical site.

Later on, we shopped! at some road the tour guide referred to as 'pasar malam'. Us, girls, bought boots. Yup, I got a pair of boots! Dad and bro got themselves each a pair of Nike sneakers.

Got a chance to stop by at a bird-nest-look-alike stadium. I don't know how to describe it, it looks like a bird nest externally. Took some awesome shots there and the sea nearby.

Next was the Silk Factory, which was uh, rather boring. Got to see a fashion show featuring silk clothing. It was... bad. The models looked jaded or uh, dull. The duration of the fashion show was less than ten minutes and they had only five models. Bro commented 'the crappiest fashion show ever'. Lol.

I don't get it either.

After lunch in Nanjing, visited Soong Mei Ling's memorial.

Later on, went to Nanjing Yangzte River Bridge, a historical site as well. We got to view the bridge from a higher building and it was an extremely long bridge. Freaking breezy up there! But the view was undeniably a sight to behold.

Dinner. Did some shopping.

First off, we were at a jewelery store, something like Poh Kong but this one has got jade and all those similar ornaments and jewelery.

Off to Wuxi. Visited the Lingshan Giant Buddha, which was recognized for its Buddha statue of 88 metres, the highest bronze status and one of the largest ones in China.

Awfully huge palm there!

In the same place, there was a gigantic hall with whopping-sized exquisite paintings, huge sparkling chandeliers, fine carved artwork, fancy balconies, shiny squeaky floors, delicate-looking statues, a visual scene of the constellations and stars on the ceiling of the hall. It was one of the most amazing and beautiful place I've ever been to.

If only I had known the name of that place...

Later on, went to the Original Zisha Teapot Museum. Dinner. Window-shopped.

Visited the Three Kingdoms Outerdoor Scene Base, where there was massive statues of China warriors and an indoor place that looked like The Forbidden City in Beijing.

Watched some people riding horses, which was actually something like a play. But, more aggressive and brutal.

Went on one of these in Tai Lake.

Off to the Wuxi Qingshui Park Pearl Cultural Centre. Lunch. Made our way to Shanghai!

After dinner, we went on a cruise ship for nearly an hour. I loved the view from the top of the cruise, which was beyond breathtaking.


Started the day with a visit to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, which was well-known as one of the highest towers in Asia.

I'm not sure which floor we were at but it was higher than 300m. Spectacular view. To our horror, the floor was made of glass, see-through ones. It was scary!

Afterward, headed to the Shanghai Municipal History Museum. Had lunch and went to some medicine store. Next, Nanjing Road for some window-shopping.

... already!? Shopped at some bustling road in Shanghai. Loads of people. Had a quick stop at a some fengshui shop.

Flight was at 4.00 p.m. and once again, we had problems with our flight seats. I was raged with anger but calmed down when dinner was served. Watched Bandslam, but missed the beginning. Landed in Kuala Lumpur after 9 p.m. Arrived home nearly midnight.

Eight days away from home, which I've missed, of course. There's no place like home. Back to school! :(

P/S More photos from the China trip in facebook!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

first blog post of the year

As you know, PMR results was released on Christmas Eve and I didn't get to blog before this cause I was away for about a week. My results were beyond satisfying yet it still feels slightly unbelievable, to me. When I found out my results, the first thing I recalled vividly saying was "Ooh! Ookaayy...". I am thankful and mostly, relieved.

Anyway, on the same day, I had to get ready to leave for a trip to China. I was only back on the 1st of January so the trip was 7 nights and 8 days. Although it seems like a dreadfully long time to be away, but I liked being away for a while. Well, I don't exactly like China but I liked going for a holiday. Tune in for the photos, there are tons. About 800 but I will be posting up only a few probably, cause I can hardly even post up half of them due to school reopening soon.

A totally random photo taken in West Lake Garden, Hangzhou.

I think I'll be going into pure science stream. I'd prefer Biology than Accounts cause I suck at it.

Happy New Year, everybody! Let us all live another year of joy and bliss. 2009 may be one of the best years. In my perspective, without doubt, the best year in high school. I've learned plenty from experiences, both good and bad. I guess my resolution for the new year is to work harder, to be even more focused on studies and to keep an open, optimistic mind.

Cheers to 2009 and have another tremendous year ahead.