Sunday, July 26, 2009

because time is running out

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Syakirah (25/7/09) and of course, Daddy(26/7/09, that is today) <3

Celebrated Dad's birthday and granted his wish. Had a delightful dinner at Pizza Hut, yum. Bryan was around two days and a night, oh how much we've missed that boy...

Anyway, last Friday we, as in students of 3 Kekwa, attended a Mathematics seminar at ARBS otherwise SMKSA, which is just next to our school. Yes, we walked there. Well the seminar was not entirely fruitless, it did help us a bit. I'll be attending another seminar this coming Thursday. It's a History seminar for PMR candidates, of course, at some Tunku Abdul Rahman Memorial if I'm not mistaken. I hope I'll learn a lot there, I need to really work on my History ;(

I've to go now, sadly. I must occupy myself with revisions which means flooding myself with exercises. I'm aiming for it, straight As. Wish me luck, oh, and you too ;)

Friday, July 17, 2009

of birthdays, movie and project

My piece of motivation.

Hui Fern's birthday. Had doughnuts for her, hope you enjoyed :) Also, other birthday girls Sammi, Dyana and cousin brother. I've uploaded the photos on facebook, guys.

I've watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince yesterday. It was either yesterday, Saturday, Sunday or the next two weeks. No way we could wait that long, I was hell-bent on watching this movie as early as possible. This sixth film isn't one of my favourites of all the Harry Potter movies but it was not that bad either. Dark and thrilling, no doubt about that, a few frightening scenes utterly startled me. Most would probably agree that the scenes in this film were occasionally quite funny, one of the reason why I enjoyed watching it. Another reason is, they're Brits! Anyway, although Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince got good reviews, I felt like something was missing from the movie. But still, to wrap it up, it was good, not great but good.

Mission Community Service by ARGS Interact. That sounds too formal, doesn't it... A recyling project was carried out for these past few weeks and we had someone to send the recycling items to a recyling centre. Though we did not earn money from this (to hand it to a charity fund of course), we're still doing it for a good cause and because it's community service which is volunteer work. Cheer up, there'll be more reycling projects and community service projects planned this year and the next.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

more birthdays to come

I know, I'm always early. But it's cause I wouldn't have time to blog on weekdays so here it is.

But we normally call her Hui Fern otherwise Jo-ann. I met her in year '07 since the first day of high school. We were in the same class and she was sitting just two seats away from my left. I glanced at her and had a thought that she was a 'kuai lo'. Who knew she is actually a mix of Punjabi and Chinese.

I edited this. I'm not so good at editing photos but isn't this glow effect just nice?

This too was edited. I like this picture but as I look closer, I can see my crooked, untidy teeth which looks slightly better now. Anyway, we were at Times Square that time.

You could say she's a jovial person for she's been known as the vivacious one. Energetic, high-spirited and shows great enthusiasm in certain things. One of it is badminton, in fact she's a huge fan of Malaysian badminton player Wong Mew Choo. She's also one of the tallest in our circle of friends, one of the pretty gals (the rest are too), the fun-loving person.

She's my BFF. HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

This is... random.

We had Explore Race, last Wednesday, which Priscilla (my Explore-Race-partner-planner)and I had organized. She's truly awesome, she'll make a good president. Thanks Priscy, and sorry. The race didn't turn out as how we planned it to be, and I'm really sorry for that. But in the end, it's no use crying over spilled milk, and this was an experience for me and also a lesson to be learned. Oh, Priscy, I got a few feedbacks on the Explore Race. "Really tiring but fun." Though things went wrong, but we didn't miss the torture part *grins* heh.

Here's the new 09/10 Board of Directors.

President : Priscilla Francisca
Vice President : Nadiatul Diyana
Secretary : Sabrina Chua
Treasurer : Yuen Wei
IU Director : Jesse Lee
Asst. IU Director : Armanda Madynah
Community Service Director : Roxanne Chong
Asst. Community Service : Kimberley Egg/Cheam
Club Service : Sammi Chan
Finance Director : Chai Man Yee

Congrats to all :)

Intervensi III coming up... next week. And I'm watching Transformers II tomorrow. I am so excited.