Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ozone-friendly spray :)

'Save The Earth' exhibition.

The fantastic backdrop!

The audience.

Opening ceremony.

Opening act - Nadiatul, Armanda, ?, and Sabrina dancing to "He Said, She Said".

"When India Says Satsrikal to New York" or for shorter, the Jai Ho dance.


Statue of Liberty - all green-blueish!


Singing "Us Against The World". From left, Yvonne, Lydia and Vanessa.

Fashion Show!

:DDDD she's the current Assistant I.U Director.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

ARGS International Understanding Day '09 : Namaste, New York!

Arrival of Guests
Introduction of Board of Directors
National Anthem & Interact Song
Roll Call of Clubs
Speeches & Opening Ceremony
Solo Performance, singing by Angie
Game : Design Your Own Naanizza
When India Says Satsrikal to New York, dance performance by form 3s
Refreshment : Let's Eat! Burgers, cookies, candy, juice.
Sketch : A Tale of Two Cities
Group Performance, singing 'Us Against The World' by Lydia, Yvonne and Vanessa
Lucky Draw : Get Lucky!
Rock & Roll, Indian dance
Video Presentation : ARGS News II
Fashion Show
Presentation of Souvenirs
Exhibition, including 'Save The Earth' exhibits

Sprayed partitions.

'Save The Earth' exhibition.

All handmade!

Awesome, isn't it?


Hui Fern, Marilyn and Yvonne.

Iqin, the dancer!

Amalina, Mahatma Gandhi, baseball player?

Alright, here are pictures I got from Jesse which she got from Wenz. Grab the photos if you want, I'll be posting up more pictures as soon as I get it!

Introduction of the Board of Directors.

Opening Act. That's Sabrina there!

Also a part of Opening Act.

Emcees for the day. The Jess and the Egg.

Game! Design your own - naanizza? Roti nan + Pizza

When India Says Satsrikal to New York - from left : Sathiea, Marilyn, Asyiqin, Hui Fern, Amanda, and Yvonne.

Next, Sketch!
Singing by Yvonne, Lydia and Vanessa.

Rock & Roll was rockin'.

Fashion Show! I managed to snap only a few good shots, sorry.

The cool Yien.

The NY fashionista Huey Wern.

The rocker, of course, Su Min.

The one with the awesome catwalk, Wenxin.

The tall and elegant, Elaine.

& lastly, Cassandra & Angie.

Credits to designer : Joanne.

I guess this IU Day turned out pretty well. It was a great show and quite a number of people said so. Well, all thanks and credits to the BODs & 'Namaste, New York!' was a success. YIPEEEE! :D