Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lots, but less than last year's.

DAY ONE 26th January
First day was actually quite boring. Had 'yee sang' for dinner, ah the traditional appetizer that's eaten to raise 'good luck, fortune and prosperity'. I don't quite like eating it, doesn't taste good... Anyway, after dinner we went visiting. Well just one house, ex-baby sitter's.

Bored, I think?

DAY TWO 27th January
Spent almost the whole day at grandma's place.

DAY THREE 28th January
Went to JJ to have dinner at Madam Lim's with my paternal aunt and her family.

The adorable twins, Crystal and James.

DAY FOUR 29th January
Heizen's open house.

Her relatives. I know it's dark, bad lighting.

Elena holding H's camera.

H's bro. PSP!

Damn, I love this monitor.

It's a statue, looks real?

DAY FIVE 30th January
Kimberley and Vanessa's open house. Lots of people turned up, about nineteen. Tiffany, Huey Wern, Rox, Jo, Roba, Sabrina, Adeline, Jesse, Armanda, Jacqueline, May, Lydia, Angie, Andrea, Michelle, Phoebe, Kimberly, Hana, and Asyiqin.

Most of them were like bluetooth-ing.


Here you go, May.

I took this photo and she shouted


That day she loved her pictures taken, seriously

They were gambling

Downstairs, watching tv and eating snacks.

Still gambling.

Jacqueline's blue highlights.

Jac : I know, bad lighting...

She was wearing contact lenses, scary huh. Reminds me of Aeonflux, the movie.

Andrea the cutie.

Armanda -
And then I went home.

Going to Dynasty Hotel for dinner later with family.
I'm currently ill, I've got a sore throat, flu and slight fever. Took a nap just now, ate medicine and drank lots of water. Feel much better now :)