Monday, December 21, 2009

sleepover! :D


On the previous Tuesday, at night, to be precise, a couple of my good friends came over to my place for a sleepover for two nights. Both are Heizen and Rose. We initially intended to watch a movie that night but instead, we were in my bedroom. We were chit-chatting from small talks to exchanging gossips and tittle-tattles. For short, catching up on things. Oh, and exchanging birthday gifts.

Went to Pavillion the following day, watched Love Happens starring Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston. It wasn't that great but it was just 'A-Okay!', just like in the film, haha. It's getting quite catchy now, you know.

Before the movie, we basically walked one floor to another, window-shopping I'd say. Had an appetizing lunch at The Pancake House since the food court and other restaurants were practically jam-packed. We shared a banana split ice cream, is that what they call it? I hadn't had one of those since ages so I'm not sure. And we had Golden Brown waffles and another one with peanut butter and chocolate, which was perfectly succulent.

I liked the Christmas decorations there, they're just lovely and joyous. Aren't the festive seasons awesome?

This is my favourite Barbie of all! The dress is one of a kind, no?

After the movie, we headed to KLCC where my mom picked us up from. We ate pizzas for dinner and then watched three movies at night, which were 500 Days of Summer, The Proposal and The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2. Slept at around two a.m.

Woke up late the following day, at 10.30a.m. Alright, not that late. The next day, we played Monopoly for nearly three hours. Monopoly's a competitive game, you know, haha. Had noodles for lunch and later on, we ate leftover pizzas from the previous night and cupcakes. I almost ate Santa Claus, before I knew he wasn't edible.

Later in the evening, we found out that the confirmed PMR results release date is on the 24th of December, shockingly. Well to me, it was. I hoped for it to be after Christmas and I believed it would but, oh well. Both of them went home at around 6.30 p.m.

They're my BFFs that I'd absolutely miss. Hope we'll have plenty of sleepovers and outings in the future! Much love to the both of you.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

reunion @ Wangsa Walk

Reunion @ Wangsa Walk
28th of November, Saturday

Only nine of us could make it, the rest either couldn't make it or we just lost contact with them, unfortunately... Yes, only nine! But I had a good time and I'm sure the rest would agree to that.

From left; Me, Lale and Heizen. You'd love the Christmas decorations there, they absolutely bring up the celebratory and jolly ambience for the upcoming celebration.

From left; Syakirah, Thylaga, Lale and Niva.

The girl with the beanie hat is Farah. And the other one's Siti Aisyah, she really is the humorous one, I'll end up breaking into laughter most of the time when she says something funny.

From left; Daiana, Syakirah, Heizen and I.

We had lunch at Popeye's, chit-chat, and then window shopped as there were nothing much around there to see or buy.


Monday, November 23, 2009


21st November, Saturday @ Pavillion
Just the three of us, Yvonne, Kimberley and I. Ah, didn't get to watch any movies as the tickets of the movies we wanted to watch were all sold out. Had lunch at Pizza Hut. We were stuffing all that we ordered in our tummies, so yes it was a very filling meal. But, a satisfying and tasty one of course. Then, we window-shopped until four something p.m. Kim and I then headed to KLCC and did nothing but walked around the whole mall. Had an Oreo McFlurry while Kim went on chattering about Ellen Degeneres, some 15 year old girl and some other stuffs. Lol.

22nd November, Sunday @ KLCC

We had lunch at Sakae Sushi, a Japanese restaurant that somehow eerily reminded me of a Korean drama. OK, never mind that.

That's how you order and you can now tell that the food there is very likely to be pricey. Yup. It was.

Kim, having her California Roll.

I could not resist having one of these. There's cheese on top! It tasted so good that we took another plate of it. Haha. There were other sushi that tasted good, too, also the soft shell crab and the fried fish dumplings. YUMMY.

Later on, we went to watch A Christmas Carol 3D. Yes, 3D!

Here's to prove it, lol.

A Christmas Carol, a timeless classic, a 1951 adaptation of Charles' Dickens. It's a bit dark and scary, can be frightening for kids. There was even a little boy that cried in the cinema, lol. But I'd give it a 3/5.

Reunion this Saturday at Wangsa Walk ;D

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beryl's and class party

Visit to Beryl's chocolate factory
9th of November, Monday

It was a really short trip. But I didn't say I didn't enjoy it. We got to see how chocolate were made, well, only briefly. But, good thing was that we got to buy chocolates that were 1)without doubt, flavorsome and yummy 2) affordable.

3 Kekwa's Class Party @ Nando's, KLCC

14th of November, Saturday

To kick off the lunch, we had Peri Kicks Starters that concluded of chicken wings, kebab, grilled bread, sausages, and some vegetables. Their sausages are special made and truly one of a kind, the best ones I've ever tasted. Half of us got the Ala Carte 1 (1/4 chicken, Peri Chips and grilled vegetables) and the rest got the Ala Carte 2 (1/4 chicken, Peri Chips and Potato Salad). They weren't at all bad, but they weren't so scrumptious either. It's a mediocre, I'd have to say.

Later on, thirteen of us went to watch The Box, starring James Marsden and Cameron Diaz. There were a few good reviews on this film though I didn't quite get the picture, the storyline was slightly puzzling.

To sum up this day, I had a great time, I think we all did, didn't we? Undeniably enjoyable, same goes to rounding up the year, one of my best year in high school by far. From which I've learned to live life to the fullest - but of course with certain boundaries.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

joyous day

You probably heard that I took part in a multi-media competition, together along with Syakirah and Rooba. If you didn't, well now you do. The three of us took a duration of one week to complete the video presentation themed "1 Malaysia". The theme was no problem, so as the content. The editing part was. This was my first time, participating in something like this that required making an actual video that concluded videos, audio and graphic.

I wouldn't say it's easy, yes it took us one week to complete the whole thing. Though it seemed like a short time, but it seemed long for us. We were rushing to finish it up before the deadline and also to produce a good video. Spent hours in the computer room, producing the video, when we were present to school. Several times we've had disagreements and arguments over the damned video.

So anyway, we were at SK Seri Rampai on the day of their Karnival Pusat Sumber Sekolah. There were competitions held among schools of Zon Keramat, a few of them that I can recall are playing congkak, making lanterns, bersajak and multi-media of course.

The prize giving ceremony started pretty late. Hence, we waited in the hall, watching some of the video presentations by other schools and ours, too. Oh, I met a few old mates there! Syakirah and Roba met some of their friends there, too.

From left : Farah, Syakirah, Siti Aisyah and I. Definitely jogged my memory of those days in SK Marian Convent, my primary school that is.

At last, the prize giving ceremony started at nearly one p.m. Waiting anxiously, our hearts were pounding hard, our fingers were kept crossed, keen to know the winners, thinking 'Who will win damnit!?'. Intensely suspenseful. OK, you're probably in suspense now, too.

Ah, screw the suspense, WE WON! FIRST PLACE! 1st! When our school name was announced as the winner of the multi-media competition, the three of us immediately shouted, laughed and then cheered gaily.

Victory's a glee, haha.

1 Malaysia Video - The most amazing videos are a click away

Monday, November 2, 2009

The All-American Rejects comes to Malaysia!

The All-American Rejects concert
@ Stadium Bukit Jalil carpark
31st October '09, Saturday
6 pm - 11 pm

As usual, we'd arrive early but this time not that early. Unless you'd consider 4 pm early (two hours before the concert). Fortunately, we didn't have to wait long in the queue and plus, we got a good view of the stage.

What was grueling was standing for hours, waiting for The All-American Rejects to make their appearance while a few local bands performed (i.e Pop Shuvit, One Buck Shot and others that I forgotten of). The place was teeming with people, it was so crowded that a few people passed out. There was a group of guys that was really irritating as they kept pushing people around, a couple of them had long, dreadful hair and most of them looked like freaking drug addicts *grumbles*.

Anyway, on the optimistic side of the concert, The All-American Rejects finally arrived on the scene at nearly 10 pm. We were all so frenzied and hyped up!

Jesse's oh-so-awesome banner that says "WE <3 AAR. Nick. Tyson. Mike. Chris".

Tyson Ritter, the Glitter Ritter.

No regrets.
"You can sit beside me when the world comes down..."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

hectic. eventful.

Yup, you're looking at the faces of One Malaysia!

Been quite occupied for a couple of weeks. Choir then choral speaking and next would be the multi-media contest which I will be taking part in with Syakirah and Roba. We've got to make a video presentation based on the theme "One Malaysia". Hah, should be fun? Choral speaking went pretty well, we've got to do it another time on graduation day. Let's cross our fingers and hope for a great performance!

I think I'm going.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

movie maniac

@Times Square with Heizen

We went for a movie together, Pandorum, at nearly noon before lunch. Well, it is a horror/sci-fi/thriller movie, so yes it was horrifying and very much freaky. For the first half an hour there were countless frightening scenes that frequently gave us intense chills. INTENSE, I say! After the movie we had lunch at Sushi King and then shopping.

Nichii, of course, where they have mirrors like these.

And headed back home.

For other must-watch movies, I really want to watch 500 Days of Summer! They've got amazingly good reviews and I liked the trailer, as well. Second on my want-to-watch-and-need-to-watch-movies-list would be Inglourious Basterds. I read one of the comments on the movie in a movie reviews website which sounded like this, "One basterd of a movie...". Ahaha, definitely a must-watch! Also, Whip It, directed by Drew Barrymore. A feel-good dramatic comedy starring Ellen Page, ooh aah.

I really need to clear up my books and actually complete doing it ;p

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

end of PMR. birthdays.

I've deleted

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother Julian (10th Oct), my elder sister Joanne (15th Oct) and myself (13th Oct). Yeah, I know, I guess our parents planned well.

13.10.2009, Tuesday

I'd remember this day forever.

Surely, it's the last day of exam for PMR candidates and probably the happiest day for all of us. It was beyond happy for me, it was f****** awesome. Yeah, my birthday. I gotta say, it is such a coincidence, isn't it?

As soon as we were done with our last paper (KH, which I abhor a lot), we were off to Pavillion. I guess you could say we were celebrating. Thank you very, very much to Afiqah, Dyana, Kim, Siti and Syakirah who accompanied me. There weren't many movies that we could watch, since most of them were rated 18PL. So, we watched Surrogates, which turned out to be OK though not that great.

Now I've got a new teddy :)

After the movie we went window shopping and to the food court. While I was chatting with the others, Kim and Syakirah went walking around, claiming that they were looking for something to eat or drink and that they were lost. But they eventually 'found their way' and came back to the food court. With THIS

I was so surprised that I was practically flabbergasted. And then they sang the birthday song, which was pretty much... sweet...

It was really thoughtful of them to do so, I am still in astonishment, but I loved it. THANK YOU!!! I'd love to have more of that cake, it's already finished, haha.

I actually planned to blog yesterday but I did not, cause I could not... I can't recall the whole thing but it's something like this...

Jo : (was downstairs) Aeh, Habeeba's here, wait
Rox : (was upstairs) OK...
Jo : Rox! Could you bring down my certificate on the table?
Rox : OK... (going downstairs)
Jo : Give it to Habeeba, she's out there
Rox : What?
Nooo, you give it to her
Jo : Just give it to her
Rox : Oh, man (walking out)

*HAPPY BIRTHDAY!* thought I saw three Habeebas with loadsa colours, but it was all of them, Amanda, Hui Fern, Jenny, Sabrina, Tiffany and Yvonne. They were all there, outside my house, I was slightly frightened when I saw them that I said "Oh shit". It was strange at first cause I was sooo surprised. They even had a cake with them, a chocolate one.

Truthfully, it was very surprising and out of the blue but they were awesome for doing that. THANK YOU ALL!!! Every single one of you, thanks so much! It was really thoughtful and I shall keep some cake for you guys.

Then we went to sleepover at Hui Fern's. We watched five episodes of 90210 Season 2 today.

Thank you to
Wen Xin for the card and the peace earrings, they're awesome. Yvonne, the earrings, no worries, I will wear them one day! Thank you, they're one of a kind to me, since I don't have those kind of earrings. Yuh Jing, thank you for the oh-so-shiny-fabulous keychain. Kimberley, I think I've seen your gift before, lol, but thanks anyway! Syakirah, Siti, Afiqah, Dyana, thank you for the lovely teddy bear, I think it'll be next to me, on my bed. Hui Fern, I've looked at the skirt clearly now, I'm sure I have something to match with it and if I don't, I'd get something to match with it. Thanks, p.s you forgot the price tag. Jesse, Priscy, Yuenwei, there's so much to eat, everything's so colourful and chocolate, hm yummy. Thanks, guys!

And thanks to everyone that wished me, too. Like what most people say and like what I sometimes say, it is the thought that actually counts.

It was such an awesome birthday that I still feel like I was dreaming all along. Thanks a billion to everyone! I love you guys so much!