Friday, December 26, 2008

will update it as often as I can. So, keep viewing for more posts on celebrities, latest hollywood gossips, movies, fashion, etcetc. Well mostly are my favourite celebrities so - yeah, more posts coming!

Christmas is over and a brand new year's coming ahead. 2009 ? em, not really looking forward to it ;[

xoxo R

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Have a merry, merry, merrrryyyyy Christmas!

xoxo R

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

well, Merry Christmas.



1. Are you single?
; yeah

2. Are you happy about that?
; yeah

3. Are you bored?
; no, I'm sleepy

4. Are you sad?
; no

5. Are you a queen/king control?
; depending on the situation

6. Are you plastic?
; no

8. Are you cool?
; dunno

9. Are you chinese?
; yes

10.Who are you?
; who am I ?

1. Initials
; R

2. Nicknames
; Roxy, Rox

3. Birth place
; some hospital in KL

4. Hair color
; black

5. Age
; four - and - a - teen

6. Eye color
; dark brown

7. Birthday
; 13th October

8. Mood
; sleepy

9. Favorite colors
; pink, purple, blue, black, white

10. Left or right handed
; right

1. Smile or eyes
; smile, I think

2. Light or dark hair
; dunno, depends

3. Hugs or kisses
; dunno

4. Intelligence or attraction?
; both

5. Hook-up or relationship
; relationship

6. Trust or love?
; both

7. Long distance or close?
; close

8. Call or text?
; call

9. Older or younger?
; older

10.Looks or Personality
; both

1. Last phone call you made
; forgotten

2. Last phone call you received
; Jo

3. Last person/people you hung out with?
; forgotten

4. Last person to text you
; Kimberley

5. Last person you tickled?
; I'm bad at that

6. Last person you danced with?
; er, dunno.

7. Last person you hugged?
; forgotten

8. Last person you ate with?
; family?

9. Last person you sat in the car with?
; Mom

10. Last person you kissed?
; dunno.


Feeling a bit sleepy, right now. Anyway, this Christmas I'm wishing for


rubber wristbands. I want all colours!

the blue and red jigsaw one is cute

handmade wristbands. I was thinking of making my own wristbands, I did once but didn't turned out successfully

these are leather

I like this, a lot. I'm thinking of making one like this

fabric. I have a few of these. I want to get white and black ones


I don't wear bangles, but I would want a few.


floral ?
not too big, not too boxy. This one is nice.

or maybe something like this?

these are awesome.

Upcoming posts ; Jonas Bros, Selena Gomez, and other celebrities

xoxo R

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas & the holiidaaayys

Hm, this Christmas I'll be ... well, I'm not sure yet.

And the holidays, well I've been lazing around, a lot ;p At least I've done something, aside from hogging on the Internet, watching tv & dvds, etcetc. I gotta say, this holiday ain't that bad, I've accomplished a few things like

; I finally finished my cross stitch after years. Long story. Nah, not that long, kinda short but still...
; I managed to read six books during the holidays. Mostly by Sophie Kinsella. The Secret Dreamworld of A Shopaholic, Shopaholic Ties The Knot, Remember Me?, Can You Keep A Secret?, The Undomestic Goddess, and The Killer's Cousin (by Nancy Werlin).

OK just a couple of things. Anyway, I should get started on revising form one & two syllabuses. Well you know why right. Signing off now, bye.

xoxo Roxy/ Roxie/ Roxay/ ?

xoxo R

Sunday, December 21, 2008

well I can't think of any other link than
which is short and catchy (at least better than my previous link).
I'm OK with this one, it isn't too bad. Say goodbye to


xoxo, Roxy

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Only five of us turned up (Hui Fern, Kimberley, Vanessa, their cousin Angel, and I). And yes, a sleepover (well, no one asked ;p).

oh yeah, I've got a new colour

(Monday) Hui Fern came around eleven, nearly twelve. Had lunch and got ready to leave the house. When we were about to reach Times Square, Kimberley texted me saying she might not make it, I texted back "What the hell!? you're not going?! WHAT you know it's gonna be only me and hf Beg your mom la". And thank god, at last minute she confirmed that she was going and arrived later while Hui Fern and I were walking around & at Borders.

while waiting for the rest to reach

As soon as they did we went to Gasoline (a sorta freaky restaurant). Three of them were eating while fern and I just watched them, lol.

Kim & Angel



oh yeah, there was a difference

I would consider this as a candid shot, lol just ignore that

Well I have to say - the service wasn't that good, took a pretty long time but anyway we were still in the mood to shop. We were in Gasoline for an hour, I think. After that we head out and walked around, looking for something to buy

but instead we stopped here - the photo booths place where you take those sticker photos. I didn't really intend to do it but I didn't say I regret taking them - We had four different layouts, pictures are shown below

I actually had to go home at four p.m. but ... mom came at five, :) At last minute (when my mom called, saying she was going to reach TS soon), we finally bought something for ourselves. Hui Fern bought a cute blue skirt. I got myself a green skirt and a white top to match with it.

Rox & Fern

this is a nice one


you know, I look nice here (from what I think) but WHY do you have to be there!? If you don't notice, then get some new glasses. Notice the guard at the back? Yeah.

trying to read that expression *evil smile*
See that red ball that reads number eight and High School Musical on it?
well, it's a 'High School Musical Magic 8 Ball"

it's Fern's. Ask something, anything, shake it and an answer will appear at the back of it

well if you ask something like "Do you prefer cheese or milk?" then it'll say something like "Sorry, try again later", "Get'cha head in the game", "Stick to the status quo", well something like that.
"When are the callbacks?" (or something like that)
Callbacks Friday @ 3.30. See that? Enlarge to have a closer look

bathe, ate dinner, and watched Wild Child
it's not such a bad movie after all
I watched it on youtube once, but not completely cause I was getting bored when halfway watching it. Well, it was kind of blur.

We were looking back at the sticker photos that we took at TS

yep, four different layouts

LOL (it's better if you don't read the words)
We didn't see the words there OK

ah, these are the better ones

And so, we slept at three a.m. Exhausted, yes. We went downstairs to the kitchen to have a snack before we slept, we were hungry. Peanut butter and chocolate on bread, yummy and just filling. More chit-chatting before we slept

Next morning, woke up late. Like, 11.30 a.m. late. Told you, exhausted. OK maybe just lazy, and sleepy. Watched some tv, had spaghetti for lunch, and played Monopoly. Bro and cousin Bryan joined in too. Oh yeah, Bryan was here to sleepover too, but for a few nights.

At three p.m. Mom took Hui Fern and I to Aeon Jusco. Hui Fern bought some nail polish from Elianto. Walked around, and nothing much to do so we went home after an hour or less, don't remember.

nice colours. Bit striking but nice.

trying them on

more camwhoring



More chit-chatting later on, and we watched Suite Life on Deck. Fern's parents came to pick her up at five something, nearly six p.m. :(

I enjoyed myself these two days, it was fun.

I like braces, you know

xoxo, roxy