Friday, October 31, 2008

here are some recent updates

; I gave away Habitha (pet hamster) to Sathiea (since she wanted to keep it) weeks ago. It's sad, letting go of it. When I gave it away I missed it for a few days but I got over it, lol

; Cousin Bryan was admitted to hospital a couple of days ago, they said it might be a dengue fever. I went to see him the other day, his face looked really pink, which was cute hehe, he looked like he was blushing lol. But they just confirmed today that it's not a dengue, just a really bad ulcer at his throat so thank god.

; I'm hoping to get straight As this time but I think my chances are low. Aiming for five, at least four.

Plans after exams! -

; sleepovers

; outings

; read Shopaholic and other novels
; finish up my cross-stitch hopefully, I started it when I was eleven or twelve, imagine that, and I'm still not done with it! well that's cause I only do it during the year end holidays.

; getting my fixed BRACES, extremely excited


xoxo, roxy

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ONE MORE DAY four papers left, just a little bit more to freedom

wanna watch again :)

Allegra, running in lol

she's so cute

heard about this? I went for this Adam Khoo's workshop at TTDI Plaza last week with family. It's about effective ways of learning and ways to success but it was only 2 hours and thirty minutes, so it was really short.

somewhere in TTDI Plaza

next day, DEEPAVALI
was supposed to go Rooba's house but couldn't (sorry!). Instead I went to Hui Fern's house, Yvonne and Jenny was there too.

on the phone?

girl, you've got nice earrings

ooh your hair looks nice here

this was written months ago lol

last photo before I went home

later on, off to mommy's friend's house at Subang

the awesome pool

that's the gym

this is Chow Jin, cute boy and here, he's acting dead or asleep?

a room specially to watch movies

we just love the pool

on the way home

later at night sis and I went to Dashween's house for Deepavali

happy happy happy deepavali ~

xoxo, roxy

P.S more posts to come

Sunday, October 26, 2008

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 was awesome, not bad. Much different than the first and second one but it's not a bad movie.

Going to sign off soon ~
can't wait till the end of exams! will blog more after exams about -
; HSM 3
; exams
; deepavali
; plans after exams

and more!

see ya. GOOD LUCK to all ~happy Halloween

Sunday, October 19, 2008

hello. EXAMS ARE NEXT WEEK so I won't be going online till it ends (3rd Nov) well excluding weekends. I'll try not to online AT ALL. Here are some random updates

; I can't keep Habitha (pet hamster) anymore. Mommy said it's troublesome.
; Bro just got his XBOX 360, birthday gift from parents
; I love omelette, yummy
; Having trouble with Transformations and Loci and some other chapters

and they say....

lol alright that's all. Next post will be in three weeks time! Sorry, can't think of anything else to blog about

xoxo roxie