Monday, September 29, 2008



hmmthis is her, Heizen. We knew each other since primary school and I remember going to her house often after sports practice and extra classes. Hehe, thanks for that. She's a good friend, understanding and caring. She's very smart, thin and tall.

Rose, Heizen and I met up yesterday at JJ. Not exactly an outing, just to have lunch and walk around a little, then back to Heizen's home. Rose and I waited for Heizen while walking around, thinking what to do lol. So when she arrived, we went to have lunch

teehee :P
ate at KFC
yummy. I shared my cheezy wedges with Rose. Heizen ordered something else for herself.

while eating we were chatting about lots of things. Later on, we walked around ...

and went in S & J to look for something but couldn't find anything so we continued walking around JJ.

stopped by a store

aww, so cute. I even thought of taking one (yes, without paying lol) but nah.

looking around

RM 17 . 50 ? wow.

we got bored after some time, so we decided to go home. And that was around 3.15 PM. While waiting for Heizen's dad to come and pick us up, we sat at the food corner

yum, cake. They kept saying it's creamy and filling lol

we took some pictures before Rose went home

Rose and I

Heizen and Rose
woah, we look like a tower that's about to tumble lol

need to take more clear and good shots next time, hehe lol

Rose ;
ooh, ipod . cool
listening to music

At 4.30 PM, Rose went home so Heizen and I continued chatting about stuffs, listening music, camwhoring ...
heart shaped one from Rose and star shaped one from me

I also made her this
like her Nike tee
Heizen ;
mm too bright

Mom fetched me home at 6.30 PM. Heizen, hope your wishes came true, hope you'll get more presents, hope you had a great birthday yesterday. Wish we could meet up more often, hopefully end of the year. Miss them loads.

Selamat Hari Raya, people.

Friday, September 26, 2008

death of the doodle
I'm SICK! coughing, slight sore throat, having a bad flu, I sneezed a thousand times today. And I drank three bottles of water in school today, and I've already peed five times today. I hate this feeling.

finally done with PJK & Geography folio, big sigh of relief .

really want to start reading The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic, yeah it's the first book and I've read Shopaholic & Baby and Shopaholic Abroad . But I think I'll read it when I'm free, we'll see when.

recently watched 27 Dresses (okay not bad), Made of Honour (not bad too) and Speed Racer (not so good, Rain looked cute!). Sista's friends' DVDs .

Raya holidays coming up! :) not that I'm celebrating it but I just love holidays, everybody do most people do, right?

tata, bye.

xoxo roxy

Sunday, September 21, 2008

birthday (again?!) lol


(in advance, actually.

her birthday's tomorrow)

guess who?


she's cute, small, loving, fun, crazy at times and has ... funny hair ? that's her, being crazy.

my wishes to you ; hope your wishes come true, hope you get loads of gifts and like 'em hehe, all the best in PMR, and have a great birthday.

happy birthday, girl.

last photo we took together ; ARGS IU Day

okay I'm done here bye.

& xoxo roxyyy
Saw the dentist yesterday and she said I'll be getting my braces (non-removable that sticks like glue!) by end of the year, around November or December. By that time it'll be (almost) TWO YEARS since I've worn these removable braces. I've waited long enough!

Anyway, went to JJ after dental appointment. Had sushi, I've been craving for sushi this whole week. & guess what?

BIG APPLES ! new store! I had Big Apples once or twice only you know
we bought six for ourselves and a dozen for the BBQ party at Dad's friend Lance's house which was at Genting. I felt a bit drowsy and wanting to vomit during the journey, shouldn't have drank that coffee :( We arrived at eight something.

Nice house, I like it but couldn't take any clear shots lol. Here's one
haha, me in the bathroom.

Went home at ten p.m.

Will be revising everyday(hopefully) till the end of exams (oh no terror).
history lol
peek - a - boo !

Okie dokes bye xoxo roxy

Friday, September 19, 2008

another birthday .
ain't this cute?


this is a nice photo of her .

May all your wishes come true, get loads of gifts(you have loads already right?), have a fun, exciting, enjoying birthday! Sorry I had to wish you in my blog late .

Well in school, this girl is my daughter (somehow). She's bubbly, cheerful, good company, pretty, smart(yeah!), and loves her parents (told ya, Sab, just leave that woman! better off without her! :] ) and her hubbie (fern . happily ever after fairytale) and her kids (who are they again?) .

Alright, that's about it will update next time about some other stuffs . BYE!


XOXO roxie

Sunday, September 14, 2008

... she's a big Jonas Brothers fan, loves sushi, chocolate, rubik-ing, being random and crazy,

&& she turns 15 today!

she is JESSE .


Jesse & Ann . This is one of the very few good and clear pictures I have that has her in it. may all your wishes come true, hope you get loads of gifts!, enjoy this fifteenth birthday, may you have a crazy, fun, exciting, lovely, and blessed birthday.

Anyway, I was thinking of something the other day... You know I used to have lots of obsessions, some I collect, some I observe really well, some I really love, I would like one thing and then another and then another thing. Here are some of my used-to-be and some are still my obsessions and favourites

; boxes. I used to collect boxes, I still do actually. I have many boxes, especially Tai Thong mooncake boxes, got 'em for free!
; old reusable items i.e wrapper, boxes, cloth, ribbons, whatever pretty, attractive, reusable, and in a good condition. When I was younger I liked making handmade stuffs, sewing and cross stitching. I even made stuffs for my Barbie dolls i.e a polka dotted sofa(with sis), a small home(not complete), oh yeah I sewed clothes for dolls too, they're cute hehe
; wristbands. I like them, they're cool.
; hats, caps. Once I was into them, I started looking out and buying a few. Still have them but rarely wear it.
; chocolate. Who doesn't love chocolate right?
; cheezy wedges. I used to love them A LOT, now I don't love them as much as I do now. Seriously, I used to LOVE eating it A LOT lol.

oh yeah, not forgetting the lantern festival . Happy Mooncake Festival, people. Hmm, no plans this year. Alright, I'm done here bye.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008


1.List out 10 pictures of famous people which you think are cute/handsome/pretty..make sure, there's 5 pictures of the same race as you are..the others can be ;Japanese/Koreans/Chinese/Americans/Caucasians or whatever races there may be..
2.If you're a girl, post 10 pictures of guys..and if you're a boy, post 15 pictures of girls..PLEASE make sure it's a decent picture..
3.The pictures don't have to be in order, and pick the best pics, obviously.
4.When you're done, tag at least 10 people.

heh, I'm changing the rules . The pictures are not in sequence, by the way

Alex Pettyfer
Bi Rain, he's not bad looking
Joe Jonas, everybody would say the same, CUTE!
Chace Crawford, awesome smile
Nick Jonas, CUTE too!
Danny Jones from McFly, that's why I love watching Just My Luck hehe

the guys with blue eyes. Zac Efron, James Bourne from Busted, Max Theriot from The PacifierLastly, David Archuleta . Okay, so I'm done with the tag right?

Here, some of my updates
; I'm finally done with Shopaholic Abroad, in a nutshell it was a great, hilarious book
; I made RM20! by selling off one of my blouse (which I've never worn before) to Amanda. But the RM20 goes to mom :(
; I have a new blogskin for my blog! whadya think?

from this, sort of emo one, to ...

*think out of the grid* which seems quite plain. So I changed to

this . It's kind of simple too, maybe I'll change it some other time

bye, see ya .