Friday, August 29, 2008

*oooh*, yum
(sorry for wishing you a day late! : ( to repay you, I present you this delightful cake with colourful sprinkles and yes, someday I will buy you one, when I have some money)


to Miss Vivien :)

(her birthday was on 27th August 08)

may all wishes come true

wishing wealth, happiness,

pleasure and joy

have a blessed birthday

oh, we already got her a cake, actually!
Vivi and I during CNY at Heizen's.

Oh, Monday = day off! I'm happy, as if it's holiday for a long time, but too bad it's only a day. Was browsing through photos of memories. I just love to look at 'em, I think I'm gonna post some pictures when I'm free, we'll see first.

We had the Ambang Merdeka thing today, watched 1957 Hati Melayu/Malaya/Malaysia/whatever(not bad if you really concentrate, unlike most of us), drama & singing performances, and singing patriotic songs . Oh man, no offense I don't really enjoy singing patriotic songs lols.

Okies gotta go byebye


Thursday, August 28, 2008

oh yeah, before I start, I would like to wish somebody a very happy birthday.

SATHIEA! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! officially fourteen ~
we've known each other for more than five years, in the same primary and secondary school. oh, she's also known as Miss Timberlake (only in the gang, haha). May god bless you.

Four of us (Asyiqin, Hui Fern, Yvonne and I) picked this for her. Pretty, right?
posting some shots of her gift, cause Yvonne wanted to see
candy coloured
i added a small gift in the box, from me
No idea what to give her. Wanted to give this to someone else, but oh well never mind I gave it to Sathiea instead.

Went to Sunway Pyramid on Wednesday. Haven't been there for ages, seriously. Wanted try out ice skating *ooh* but didn't cause it was full ! Lots of people there. Even the movies, the queue was very long. So what we could do at that time (one something) was eat lunch. Off to A & W.

me ? and bryan
aww, him with his weird looking toy
i know this may seem gross but look at his puppy eyes, cute huh
hehe, he was putting on the headphones and listening to something . yeap, he was wearing a beanie hat! cute
After lunch, we walked around a little. Wow, I've got to go there again, shopping's great there! But since we were with aunt, uncle and little kids, we didn't shop lols. Later on, we went to Amcorp Mall and I bought a book, The Killer's Cousin. Decided to read something different rather than chick lit books.

Friday, outing at Times Square. Diyana, sis and I arrived there around nine something, yes in the morning and I know it's damn early cause daddy needs to go to work. On our journey to TS, I just remembered that I forgotten about the CAMERA! bloody hell, how could I forgot to bring it ?! damnit damnit. Anyway, once we reached there we hanged around, Cass came, looked around, went to Borders.
laughing at something I guess series of The Sleepover Club books Next, Kenny Rogers ? ... XD hmm spaghetti and muffins! macaroni and cheese, yum. Torture watching them eat. The others were late, so I ordered something for myself. Ta-dah ! my Jelly Sundae. looking good huh? But it cost me RM8.50! darn. the others finally arrived! Yvonne, yes apologies accepted, just don't be late ever again lols! Well Hui Fern, Yvonne and Wen Jing haven't had their lunch yet so we went to Mcdonalds. them, ordering food. hehe, Wen Jing looks cute! me lols peace!

huifern ;
yvonne & wen jing ;

hehe, wenjing!
yvonne and iqin ;
wenjing and huifern ;
yvonne ;
asyiqin and huifern ;
asyiqin and I ;

After lunch, we went to meet Sab and Jenny, they were from basketball training.
Sabrina, on the phone WJ & Jenny Jenny looked prettie and girly that day ! found this that says 'Friends are like diamonds, precious and rare ...' Jenny, Hui Fern & Von ... with a bunch of cute soft toys she loves to do that, doesn't she ? We walked around, window shopping you could say cause we didn't have enough time to shop. I've got to go there again! Sales like crazy...

walking, walking ... guess ?

We bought some stuffs and then off to ...
NICHII ! I love this place ! Hui Fern and I . We tried on some cute clothes, camwhored haha and there were some 'perverts' outside the fitting room.
Sabby's head and I
clockwise : Yvonne, Hui Fern, Sabby, and I. Kinda like this picture
man, I love that vest tee! and orange suits fern ~

I guess they were bored waiting for us haha
hmm nice.
It was 3.45 PM and I had to leave

took a few shots
Sabby and I . Kinda like this pic.

Yep, not enough time to shop! Asyiqin and I went home at the same time. Yvonne and I, while waiting for my mommy nice one, but I was looking the other side cause my mom was already there lol oh yeah, this is what I bought. BLACK! random ; Oh, THANKS to Hui Fern, Sabrina and Yvonne for the pictures! Next time remind me to bring my camera kay loll. Back to school *ugghhh* xoxo, roxie