Monday, July 28, 2008


before that, I wanna wish happy birthday to some people[26th July] DAD! happy birthday. I like this picture.
Syakirah and Aqila, happy birthday dudes!

Anyway, we had school on Saturday, to replace raya I think. Well among of group of friends, only Roba and I came, it was boring at school. Horror huh? Okay nothing to talk much about that part. Let's see ...
WE BAKED A CAKE! yesterday. looking good huh? yes we used chopsticks! cause we don't have an electric mixer
fyi, this is our (sis and I) second time baking a cake. so we're beginners
heart shape?
alright! it's done

well actually it got burnt cause the temperature was too high. so the top layer was cut off and the cake was put into the oven again with a lower temperature
& we had ice cream, yummy. had lots of junk food these days
alrighty i'm done here. roxy's signing off now ~

p.s who's up for Avril Lavigne ?

XOXO roxie .

Sunday, July 20, 2008

ello :)

guess what I did yesterday night? LEMON! applied lemon juice on my face yesterday, learned it from sis. Darn right it hurt, lemon's acidic. It felt like tiny ants chewing on your skin and ripping it off! well that's my opinion lol. oh yeah if you're wondering why we did that : FACIAL!
lil' Bryan
i still have sejarah folio to do!
taken by sis

Went out with family today. To The Curve and the science centre, lol. don't ask why, it's educational lol!

before leaving

sis and I. camwhores!
little cute guppies
some extraordinary yellow fish

julian. candid


next, to The Curve!
& this caught my eye! Nike Air handbag. I love it, it's nice! And so I persuaded mom, she said yes! it's originally RM99 *wow*, but there was 50% discount woohoo
black nike handbag, not bad
but this is better! haha

back at home. haven't seen this little buddy for a long time!
ready? *lol ;p*

it's allegra! miss that kiddo
signing off now. BYE!

p.s guys, how was camp? betcha had fun, stop with the jealousy thing alright lol

XOXO roxie .

Friday, July 18, 2008

Here are updates on Hui Fern's birthdaybirthday girl

well, we had a surprise party for her but we didn't manage to eat the cake before school started cause we had no time. So, we ate BOTH cakes during recess, yes two cakes! scroll down
murderer lol
people, people

reading cards
TWO cakes!
tiffany baked this. it's yummy, really chocolate-y
choc indulgence, roba bought this and the drinks. she spent a lot!
more people
people again
from left : amanda, aaliyah, vanessa and fatima

hugs ;
sab and I
cropped /edited . hui fern and I
some girl in the bus lol
this road leads to ... home
though blur and shaky but i like it. i told him, red suits his skin tone cause he's really fair. and he was like , "so you like me in red?" LOL cute kiddo
back from school!

alright time to sign off now
see ya : )